1.3 Solutions

Innovative Solutions to Persistent Problems
The main goal of SatoshiChain is to increase the use cases of Bitcoin by providing it with much-needed utility. Bitcoin users can achieve this goal by merely wrapping their $BTC into SatoshiChain smart contracts and receiving Satoshi ($SAT) PoA tokens in return. Satoshi tokens live on the SatoshiChain blockchain and will allow users to access an ecosystem of DeFi products, NFTs and GameFi, all indirectly powered by their original $Bitcoin. 1 BTC = 100 million $SAT. Examples of potential use cases include:
  • Participating in the NFT market through minting and exchanging NFTs by paying for gas with $SAT.
  • Partaking in lucrative GameFi opportunities and engaging with the growing blockchain gaming community.
  • Joining decentralized exchanges to swap tokens and speculate on their value.
  • Accessing advanced financial instruments such as staking, lending, borrowing, and liquidity mining.
  • Taking part in the upcoming metaverse revolution through SatoshiChain-powered NFTs.
  • Participating in DAOs and funding entire communities.
  • And many more…
In sum, SatoshiChain promises to transform the single-usage Bitcoin crypto into a DeFi powerhouse. With any luck, SatoshiChain will be able to readily compete with many of the top smart contract platforms in the current blockchain environment.