3.4.3 IBFT Proof of Authority (PoA)

In PoA, validators are responsible for creating blocks and adding them sequentially to the blockchain. All validators create a dynamic set of validators where validators can be added or removed from the cluster using a decentralized voting mechanism. This means that validators can be included or excluded from a validator group if the majority (51%) of validator nodes voted to add/remove a particular validator from the set. Thus, malicious validators can be detected and removed from the network at any point in time, and new trusted validators can be added to the network. All validators propose the next block in turn (by means of the round-robin leader selection). For a block to be validated/added to the blockchain, the overwhelming majority of the validators (i.e., more than 2/3) must approve that block. In addition to the validators, there are also non-validators who do not participate in block generation directly but take part in the block validation process. IBFT PoA is the default consensus mechanism of the Satoshi Chain